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When dealing with an illness, you need a primary care physician who’s compassionate and helpful. At Dr. Robert G. Samaan in Fairfield, OH, you’ll receive the best care possible. Our passion and skills in the medical industry have allowed us to become the area’s leading internist. 

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Whether you have Type I or Type II diabetes, our primary care physician will help monitor your sugar levels. As an internist, Dr. Samaan will work to diagnose early on-set diabetes and create a plan on how to go about treating it. We can also educate you about the disease, set up your equipment, and monitor your progress as time goes on.   

Weight Loss

Maintaining a healthy weight is imperative for your short- and long-term health. Obesity is linked to a wide range of ailments and diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, gout, and even some cancers, and should be taken seriously. But what happens when you’ve done everything you can to lose weight and nothing seems to be working? Visit the office of Dr. Robert G. Samaan for medical weight loss and management solutions today!   

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Do you suffer from high blood pressure? Let Dr. Samaan help you control your hypertension and regain your good health. Using a variety of treatments and providing a plan for positive lifestyle changes, he will help you lower your blood pressure and keep it at a healthy level. Because hypertension leads to many serious and life-threatening medical conditions, it’s important to begin treatment with an experienced physician right away. Schedule your appointment by calling today!  

Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease is a condition that involves narrowed/blocked blood vessels, leading to a heart attack, chest pain (angina), or even stroke. Caused by poor diet, lack of exercise, obesity, and smoking—as well as family history and genetics—cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of people worldwide, killing an estimated 17.9 million in 2016 alone. Ensure your heart is in good hands by calling Dr. Samaan today for diagnosis and treatment.  

cardiovascular disease


Nearly 40 million Americans suffer from depression or anxiety every year, yet only 36 percent of those affected seek help. As the most common mental illnesses in America, both depression and anxiety are highly treatable and can be regulated relatively quickly. If you believe you are affected, call Dr. Samaan today to schedule an appointment and begin treatment. Paired with other forms of care and lifestyle changes, you’ll start feeling better in no time.  

Hormone therapy for men

Male hormone replacement therapy is a relatively common treatment that allows male-identifying people to restore testosterone in the body. Often used to treat hypogonadism, a condition in which a male body produces very low testosterone, male hormone therapy provides relief for those who are suffering from the consequences of low testosterone production, including a lowered sex drive, impotence, infertility, a loss of body/facial hair, and osteoporosis.   

hormone therapy
hormone therapy

hormone therapy for women

Hormone therapies for women are often used by women who are going through menopause, but hormone therapy is also necessary for transgender women and those suffering from hormone deficiencies, such as primary ovarian insufficiency. If you believe hormone replacement therapy is right for you, contact Dr. Samaan today to schedule your appointment and learn more about the benefits and consequences of all applicable options.    


Hypercholesterolemia, otherwise known as high cholesterol, can be treated with a combination of dietary and lifestyle changes and medication. A very common occurrence in the U.S., more than three million new cases are diagnosed each year, many of which are successfully treated without lasting damage. Neglecting treatment for hypercholesterolemia increases your risk of heart attack and stroke, as well as other cardiovascular problems. Call Dr. Samaan to learn more about treatment options today!  


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Your family doctor and primary care physician should help make your life healthier and easier. Dr. Robert G. Samaan always puts our patients first and prioritizes their health and comfort. Our passion exceeds expectations, and we are committed to answering your questions so you feel that you’re being heard. No matter your issue, Dr. Samaan is here to help you get to the bottom of your problems.

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